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We’re all a little bit indie – and here at Liquid Cinema we’re not afraid to admit it. Continuing a solid tradition of exceptional production value, sparkling instrumentation and catchy melodic hooks, let us introduce you to Indie Anthems.

Heady synths, delectable back-beat grooves and an extra helping of lush reverb makes Indie Anthems a timeless sonic cocktail that will put a smile on your face and make your ears feel really nice. We promise.

Take your project to the next level with Liquid Cinema’s Indie Anthems – and feel inspired every time you press play.

From the team that brought you the Cinematic Apocalypse Series and Omega Modern Hybrid Trailers, Liquid Cinema is proud to present their latest hybrid-orchestral offering: Aeterna.

With massive brass, driving guitars, complex synth characters and drum lines that might just split the atom, Aeterna is an album of trailer music equally at home on a Spartan battlefield or in a distant galaxy. This album is a rare gem in the genre – one that tells a story of place, time and scale through massive instrumentation, timbre and mix.

If you’re looking for Hybrid orchestral trailer anthems more epic than a hot-rod dragon with a jetpack then you should meet Aeterna. Quite simply, trailer music done right.

Liquid Cinema – a sound as big as the movies.

Drums are the heartbeat of all music. Epic, powerful, emotional, and primal drums from around the world step center stage in Liquid Cinema’s “Cinematic Drumming 2.” Written, mixed and mastered for more impact and drive than should be allowed by law. This is a unique musical look at the sound of drums – from massive Taiko drums to hardcore urban beats. This collection of styles and sounds add brain-pounding percussion, attitude and swagger. Designed to build to an exciting climax for trailers, these tracks can also be used as beds for many other uses.

The tracks on “Cinematic Drumming” use colossal rock drums; orchestral drums and percussion; world drums from Africa, Asia, and outer space; along with wild engulfing electronic drums, synthesizers and guitars.

Guitarist/composer G.E. Stinson, one of Los Angeles’ most renown musicians, collaborates with brilliant guitarist Nels Cline of the band Wilco to bring an album ranging from simple, ethereal textures to dark and grungy rock. They take a unique approach to composition and guitar processing to create this compelling sonic experience.

Liquid Cinema’s Five Questions
A conversation with Nels Cline & G.E. Stinson

At Liquid Cinema we love to bring dynamic and compelling music to our growing catalog. Continuing the successful Liquid Cinema Artists Series are guitarists G.E. Stinson and the remarkable Nels Cline (lead guitarist of the Grammy-winning rock band Wilco, and whom Rolling Stone recently voted one of the top 100 rock guitarists of all time).  This is music that evokes great energy, emotion and feel.

Nels and G.E. performed and recorded together in the legendary early days of the Los Angeles underground music scene. In early 2004, Nels joined Wilco, and his collaboration with the band was later featured in the cover story of Guitar Player Magazine. Nels was recognized for infusing his deep jazz roots into their rock sound. Today, G.E. and Nels bring their skill and adventure to the uniquely creative Liquid Cinema Artist Series #5, an album of stunning originality and virtuosity.

We sat down with Nels and G.E. to talk about their illustrious careers and musical vision.


California, July 2014.

LC: How did you two meet? Tell us a bit about your early collaborations.

NC:  G.E. and I met when I was a teenager working at the indie record store Rhino Records. I don’t remember how it happened, but we ended up jamming a lot in the back room behind my parents’ house with my brother on drums and Steuart Liebig on bass. A bit later, G.E. and I started performing on a regular basis. After some amazing jams, G.E. started teaching us songs he was writing – and singing! We arranged the music collectively, which was pretty magical.

GE: I was recording and touring with my band Shadowfax, but I wanted to get back into doing deeply improvised music. Nels knew almost every great musician in L.A.’s music community. He also suggested playing with his brother Alex, who would become one of my most important musical comrades. Nels and I started doing improvised duets together, and eventually became ‘A Thousand Other Names’. We recorded and released an album with Stan Ridgway (Wall of Voodoo) as executive  producer. Nels and I continued working together, incorporating more effects and pedals. The music became less-guitar oriented and more about pure sound and texture. Eventually we recorded and released an album entitled Elevating Device. Some of the tracks from that recording session are used for our Liquid Cinema Artist Series #5 album.

LC: You both have such a unique take on music and guitar. Can you tell us a bit about your musical influences and background?

NC: I started out as a total rock ‘n roll kid, listening to Top 40 radio of the day (which was quite a heady/magical mix in retrospect) before honing in on Hendrix, The Yardbirds, The Allman Brothers Band, Neil Young, etc. I started, along with my twin brother Alex, to get heavily into so-called ‘jazz/rock’ – and ‘progressive rock’. I was also intensely interested in Indian classical music since the age of 11, and in the early 70’s became aware of West African pop – finally discovering real Blues music by people like Albert King, B.B. King, and Mississippi Fred McDowell.

GE: My life as a guitarist began after hearing Bo Diddley on the car radio in the early 60’s in Chicago. I convinced my mother, who was a gospel piano player, to buy me a guitar. I was very interested in blues and R&B music, so I quickly became bored with conventional guitar lessons. I quit and began studying recordings by any blues musician I could find. Eventually, the British groups also became an influence – especially the groups that were also influenced by American Blues and R&B. I also started buying the recordings of Charlie Parker and other jazz greats. Ornette Coleman was the first jazz improviser that I heard live in concert, and it was a revelation. I was living in Chicago at that time, and the Art Ensemble of Chicago and other great improvisers were seeping into my consciousness. I was also exposed to Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew, which reached me in a powerful way. Other rock bands were starting to incorporate jazz elements into their music, which encouraged me to pursue it. It was shortly after that point that I heard the music that would become the gateway to improvisation and using pure sound for me in a very personal way.

LC: You were at the forefront of some very fresh music when you were getting started. How would you describe the L.A. music scene then?

NC: – I think there always was and will always be fresh, exciting music happening in L.A.. If I try to recall it, it just feels like we were playing. The time-frame seems insignificant, but at the time it all seemed to come together in various venues.

GE: – Large record companies dominated the L.A. music scene when we met, but there was also a thriving and wide-ranging underground music community. Nels seemed to know almost everyone in many of those worlds and he introduced me to a lot of people I did not know. I was in touch with Chicago ex-pats, as well as some of the underground rock guitarists, but my knowledge of L.A.’s underground music community was fairly limited because I was constantly touring with Shadowfax at that time. What I found was an amazing group of brilliant musicians and improvisers. I began to interact and play with many of them and my journey in the L.A. underground music community began there.

LC: What gets you excited about music?

NC: Everything – except (as I have gotten older) schlepping all of my gear!

GE: Anything that strikes me as innovative, singular, or creative interests me. I can be inspired by a very controlled
used of composition, electronics, sampling, etc. if the artist is bringing something to the process that is unique. I also listen to musicians who use old school music forms in their own way. I like a lot of electronic sounds and am usually drawn to the people using other newer approaches and instruments – like turntables, electronics, sampling, etc.

LC: Who are some of your musical influences and heroes?

NC: Too many to name – but a few perennials are: Jimi Hendrix, Duane Allman, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Josef Zawinul, Ralph Towner, Sonic Youth, Lonnie Johnson, John Fahey, Wayne Shorter, Tony Williams, John McLaughlin, Paul Bley, Jeff Beck, Jim Hall, Maurice Ravel, Booker Little, Victor Jara, Baden Powell, Deerhoof, Morton Feldman, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Alan Wilson, John Lee Hooker, Neil Young, The Beatles, The Byrds, Low, Fela Kuti, Curtis Mayfield, Arto Lindsay, Erik Satie, Mamoru Fujeida, Wadada Leo Smith, Ali Farka Toure, John Abercrombie, Carla Bozulich, The Boredoms, Tinariwen, Duke Ellington….

GE: Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Howling Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, Elmore James, Otis Spann, Hound Dog Taylor, Cash McCall, BB King, Albert King, Buddy Guy, Jr Wells, (many other great Chicago and southern blues artists). Chuck Berry, Rufus Thomas, Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Booker T and the MGs, Carla Thomas, Stever Cropper, James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Solomon Burke, numerous other R&B artists.  Rock musicians like The Yardbirds, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Animals, Jeff Beck Group, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Savoy Brown, etc. And all the incredible artists I have been exposed to in the last 2 decades from the world of electronic, hip hop and pulse driven music like Public Enemy, De La Soul, Digable Planets, Beastie Boys, DJ Shadow, Massive Attack, Portishead, Everything But The Girl, Radiohead, Flying Lotus, Electric Birds, Ronnie Size, DJ Teebee, Ellen Alien, Doc Scott, Jack Dangers, Burial, Code 9, Son Lux, FKA twigs and others (too numerous to name).


Liquid Cinema Artist Series #5

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For more info on G.E. check out his Soundcloud at – and for more on Nels visit

LiquidCinema, producers of the acclaimed LiquidCinema Premiere Trailer Library, are thrilled to announce the release of ARTIST SERIES 5: TINA GUO. Tina Guo has developed a fascinating international multi-faceted and performing career as a traditional solo classical cellist, metal/fusion/new age electric cellist, and acclaimed recording artist known for her distinctive sound and improvisatory style in major motion picture, television, and game scores.

This album is a passionate, inspiring and virtuosic musical journey by one of today’s most exciting musician-composers. From the most thematic and lyrical of live orchestra to the raw attitude of dark guitars, electronics, heavy drums, and her brilliant cello, this is music from a true and unique talent.

Tina has worked with a staggering number of artists in diverse capacities, from live performance to award shows, music videos, and film and television scores, including Johnny Marr of the Smiths, the Foo Fighters, Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Carlos Santana, India Arie, Ellie Goulding, Stevie Wonder, Peter Gabriel, Josh Groban, John Legend, LeAnn Rhimes, Chris Isaak, Il Divo, Michael McDonald, John Legend, Zakk Wylde, Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire.

Tina is the featured soloist for Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man 2, CSI:NY and recently recorded solo cellos for Red Riding Hood, Abduction, Olympus Has Fallen, Hancock, Inception, Battle: Los Angeles, Clash of the Titans, Predators, The Fast and the Furious and dozens of major TV shows, and was featured on Blizzard’s Diablo III, Call of Duty: Black Ops II and the acclaimed score for “Journey”, nominated for Best Soundtrack at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

She was the featured soloist in Cirque Du Soleil’s Michael Jackson “The Immortal” World Tour.

Her albums Autumn Winds, The Journey, and Eternity are available on iTunes and other digital outlets. Her songs “Queen Bee” and “Forbidden City” are also available for download to play for Rockband on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

To see her music videos and more, visit

What People Have Been Saying About Tina Guo:

Rosemary Phillips (Quills) “I am at a loss for words to describe Tina Guo, a young woman of such intense passion for her art; in fact I am left speechless. What I feel is immense awe and hope fulfilled to know that this world will be, in the near future, cradled in the hands of such gifted and philosophical young people who delve into a far deeper meaning and understanding of life – in this case – through music.”

Giuseppe S. Canzonieri (All Access) “Saying that Tina is a talented musician is an understatement…. Utterly speechless and amazed.”

Courtney Love: “The cello that you hear [on my album] is a really hot Chinese girl with an amazing rack and insanely good hair who is a heavy metal goddess on cello, Tina Guo.”

Trailer Toolkit is a far-reaching and inspiring arsenal of incredible hits, impacts, stings, pulses, drones, rises, and textures to take your projects to the next creative level.
We are thrilled to announce the release of LiquidCinema’s most aggressive and ambitious project yet. OMEGA. Innovative, modern hybrid tracks designed for projects needing maximum edge and impact. OMEGA is 18 tracks of massive dark percussion, epic orchestra, aggressive dubstep synths, radical electronic sound design, and soul crushing builds – all meticulously arranged and engineered for action, tension, fear and larger-than-life heart-stopping moments.Composed and produced by trailer mavericks Max Cameron and David Edwards – whose music have been heard on top trailers, films, TV, and adverts globally – mixed and mastered by legendary Hollywood engineer Rob Beaton, OMEGA delivers an amazing amount of excitement, energy, mayhem and chaos. Tracks cover a range of tempos and styles, and include easy to edit alternate remixes.OMEGA: Hybrid redefined
Industrial-strength music in the style of today’s most sought-after electronic scores. Pulsating drive, innovative techniques, distorted and organic rhythms, drums, noise and hardcore analog sounds bring tension and heighten your audience’s sense of anticipation. Liquid Cinema goes the distance with Cinematic Modern Suspense.
Deeper, darker, and bolder than ever, Liquid Cinema presents the followup to it’s smash first release. CINEMATIC APOCALYPSE 2 picks up where the original left off. Epic, experimental and ambitious, featuring orchestra, choirs, and modern electronics, Cinematic Apocalypse 2 has a fresh take on the genre. Tracks are diverse in style, orchestration and are produced with fanatical attention to detail. The sound is honed to perfection by James Hill, who has mixed for James Newton-Howard, Harry Gregson-Williams, Hans Zimmer, Jeff Rona and more.
What if instrumentals in modern song styles were written and produced by some of the same artists writing and recording hit songs today? Liquid Cinema found out by going straight to the source. THE PLAYLIST is a collection of wonderful song-style tracks in pop, rock, indie, dance and modern country styles. The writers all come from the trenches of the pop music industry – no imitations. Our contributors include Bart Hendrikson (Train), Matthew Hagar, Rob Wells, Jaco Caraco (Miley Cyrus), Max Cameron, and Nathan Rightnour.
Every musical journey begins with the first step.Preludes are beginnings – starting points. This collection is the evocative, emotional and often wonderfully simple musical starting points for trailers, promos and underscore. From introspective to lush, minimalist and mysterious to broad and energetic, Cinematic Preludes covers a wide range of emotions and genres.
Liquid Cinema Presents CINEMATIC NOISE, a collection of soundscapes, atmospheres, all at music’s edge from some of the most dynamic, brave and creative sonic minds in Hollywood. Composers Peter Freeman (SAW II,III,IV), David Hoskins (The Prestige, The Descent), and Alex Kharmalov (Michael Clayton, Green Lantern) Jeff Rona (Traffic, Mission Impossible II) and other artists have created tracks that are musical, experimental, sophisticated, forward thinking and entirely new.From moody and atmospheric to mystical, to the truly disturbing, CINEMATIC NOISE is the perfect foundation for trailers, promos, or as ambient sonic landscapes in all types of productions. Includes versions with and without hits.

LiquidCinema, producers of the acclaimed LiquidCinema Premiere Trailer Library, are pleased to bring Michael Brook, one of today’s most innovative and imaginative musical artists, to its growing music catalog.His unique approach to guitars, rhythm and melody bring a fresh style to music and offer a wide range of musical possibilities. From documentaries and dramas, to trailers and features, these emotional and ambient drenched pieces conjure strong visual images across an amazing landscape of sound. With both acoustic and electric instruments, as well as great guest artists at his side, LiquidCinema Artist Series 1: Michael Brook brings you a wonderful range of music.

“Over the past 25 years, Michael Brook has amassed an impressive body of work, and the new music and soundtrack (for “An Inconvenient Truth”) rank among the very best of an illustrious career.” -Former Vice President, Al Gore
“Michael Brook is one of those forces in the music industry whose name may not be front and center but whose presence is unmistakable.” -Liane Hansen, host of NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday
“…magical realism for the ear.” -Time Out New York
“…the signature echoes, waves and chimes of Brook’s guitar soaked the room.” -Newark Star Ledger (concert review, New York)
“Brook has such a unique way of structuring his compositions, and when coupled with his experimental sonic approach it’s just breathtaking. So many unpredictable and engrossing sounds, but not in a self-important way. It is very mindful of the vast expressive sea in which he swims.” – Amazon Editorial Review

Canadian-born guitarist/composer/producer Michael Brook has been a solo artist as well as a collaborator with pop luminaries such as Peter Gabriel, guitarist Daniel Lanois, The Edge (U2), Sinéad O’Connor, Julia Fordham, Jon Hassell, pianist Harold Budd and musical iconoclast Brian Eno.

“I’ve worked a lot with Eno, and I think I learned quite a bit of my approach to the studio from him…that it’s important to stay in touch with a kind of intuitive, emotional sense of direction,” said Brook.

His solo album Cobalt Blue also featured Eno among its large cast of musicians, including The Pogues, Bryan Ferry, Youssou N’Dour, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Cheb Khaled, Pieter Nooten, Mary Margaret O’Hara, and the Armenian duduk master, Djivan Gasparayan (Gladiator).

For many Brook is best known for his film music. Because of the success of his work on Michael Mann’s hit film Heat, Brook was invited to compose the music for Kevin Spacey’s Albino Alligator, and Paul Schrader’s 1998 feature Affliction. Brook went on to score the hot-button Al Gore global warming documentary An Inconvenient Truth, Sean Penn’s masterful award-winning film Into The Wild, and the award winning The Fighter with Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale.

He composed and performed acclaimed scores to numerous documentaries including the Academy Award nominated The Fires of Kuwait.

Brook’s trademark electronically-enhanced guitar can be heard on many films including scored from Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, James Newton-Howard, Klaus Badelt, Jeff Rona, and many others.

LiquidCinema, producers of the acclaimed LiquidCinema Premiere Trailer Library, are pleased to announce the release of “Music For Pictures”, an innovative and evocative album of unique instrumental tracks from UK producer and artist ASC.Artist/producer/DJ James Clements (aka ASC) is one of the UK’s best regarded new voices in electronic, IDM, Ambient, DnB, and new electronic music. His latest production is the deep, rhythmic, ambient, genre-bending project “Music for Pictures” for LiquidCinema. Inspired by the ground breaking work of artists such as Brian Eno and Harold Budd, ASC’s newest tracks are fresh, textural, and intensely visual.Created as music to accompany film, trailers, or any project in need of ambient, rhythmic, modern, hypnotic or evocative electronic sound, ASC brings a career steeped in new music to the world class LiquidCinema Artist Series.

“Put simply, the beauty of ASC’s approach…is that it synthesises the old and the new in a way that’s …genuinely intriguing. You’d be hard pressed to find an album which does so more radically, or elegantly, than this one.” – Resident Advisor
“…the best way I can describe his music is that it’s sufficiently detailed, emotive and ambient … to function as proper film music [from] its sheer potential to move you. The rest of us can revel in some of the most beautiful and experimental music of the year. ASC doesn’t push the envelope, he burns it — you can hear the flames burning steadily in these beats.” – One Thirty BPM
“Clements manages to create a sparse and haunting sound while the countless subtle layers retain a depth and richness that draws you in, stirring emotions and stopping you in your tracks. If I could use the phrase sound-scape only once then I would use it in description of this album: with each song he paints a picture in your mind, conjuring images of open, barren places, beautiful in their emptiness.” – Spoonfed

Growing up all around England, and on a steady diet of Motown, Techno, Ambient and the UK Hardcore scene, ASC’s music encompasses all these influences and more, helping forge a sound aimed firmly at breaking barriers between genres, and pushing only the best in electronic and dance music.

DJ’ing with his like-minded friends on pirate radio stations while still in school, ASC soon found himself interested in how the tracks he played were actually produced. This led to an investment in a modest home studio setup – a defining point in James’ life. He wrote his first seven track demo between 1997 and 1999. Six were immediately signed to UK label Nu Directions, while the remaining track was signed to LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking Records, an amazing start for a new artist. After a number of successful releases on these and other labels, ASC started his own venture, Covert Operations, putting out over 30 vinyl releases and 8 CD’s of solo and collaborative music between 2000 and 2009.

After the critical and public praise for his intricately detailed and well thought out tracks, ASC wrote and produced a major catalogue of releases on some of the most forward thinking labels including 720 Degrees, Offshore, and Paradox’s Outsider. Tracks like “Starkwood,” and critically acclaimed “Porcelain” attracted the attention of electronica duo Instra:mental, who quickly picked up on his extraordinary talents.

DJ’ing is also a major part of ASC’s career, with performances in clubs and theaters all around the globe, including the world famous Sziget festival in Hungary, and tours throughout Europe, Australia and all around the US.

ASC’s work has been featured prominently on the taste-making Autonomic Podcasts, and his new music label NonPlus+ released a full length album in 2010. Collaborations with Instra:mental, dBridge, Consequence, and Vaccine are the continuing fruits of this labors, cementing ASC’s reputation of crafting some of today’s finest electronic music.

When not on the road, ASC’s studio and home are in San Diego, California.

LiquidCinema, producers of the acclaimed LiquidCinema Premiere Trailer Library, are pleased to announce the release of “Artist Series #3: Jeff Rona featuring Azam Ali.” This album marks an inspiring collaboration of two gifted artists: award winning film composer Jeff Rona and popular global recording artist Azam Ali. The result is a unique hybrid of contemporary and timeless music that evokes melodies and sounds from across the globe. One part eastern music ensemble, one part cutting edge ambient electronica, and pure vocal emotional and soul are what make this album one of the most unique and moving projects in the Liquid Cinema catalogue. It is a film score waiting for images of all kinds.Composer Jeff Rona puts it this way, “This project has been one of the most inspiring of my career. You rarely meet an artist or singer as gifted as Azam. I experienced it when I worked with Lisa Gerrard on Gladiator, A Thousand Roads, and on tour with Dead Can Dance. With Azam, I have found an equally thrilling voice.” The project began as sketches done in Azam’s Montreal studio in collaboration with her partner from her band Nyaz, which has become one of the most influential contemporary fusion groups today. At the same time Rona was sketching ideas for ambient or rhythmic pieces in his own studio in Los Angeles. The two artists then switched tracks to begin connecting with each other’s ideas. Through a series of sessions and continued work, the final tracks emerged. While borrowing influences from other cultures, the music is definitely at home in projects in need of exotic and evocative scores. There are both vocal and instrumentals on the album, as well as the organic sounds of world instruments remixed and re-imagined by Rona.”Azam is one of the most uncompromising artists working today. She is fearless.” says Rona, who has contributed tracks to her solo albums on Six Degrees Records. “She is my first choice for many of my film and video game scores.”Jeff Rona is a top call contemporary film composer and recording artist who has scored a large number of films and television projects with directors such as Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg, Wong Kar-wai, Robert Altman, Steven Soderbergh, Mark Pellington, Stephen Hopkins, Jonathan Demme, Frank Darabont and many others. He has scored a number of video games including God of War 3 , Transformers, and more.Azam Ali is one of today’s most unique and versatile voices. She’s been heard on films such as “Matrix Revolution”, “The 300”, “Prince of Persia”, “Children of Dune”, “Legend of Earthsea”, and many other film, TV, and video game scores. She is best known for her career as a recording artist with the bands Vas, the very popular Nyaz, and her own solo albums. She has also performed and recorded with legendary artists such as The Crystal Method, System of a Down, Juno Reactor, Zakir Hussein, Kodo, Harry Gregson-Williams, Mychael Danna, Michael Giacchino, and many, many more.

In the beginning was the drum. And it is the drum that steps into the spotlight of Liquid Cinema’s “Cinematic Drumming” project. Bursting with energy, rhythm, vitality, and epic scope, this is a unique look at the sound of drums from huge Japanese Taiko drums to urban 808 beats. The album is a diverse collection of styles and sounds that add pounding percussion, groove and swagger. Most tracks build to an exciting climax for trailers, but have plenty to draw on for many other uses.The pieces on “Cinematic Drumming” use rock drums; orchestral drums and percussion; drums from Africa, Asia, and outer space; along with wild electronic drums and guitars. These are more than just grooves and beats, these are real music.Contributors include Bart Hendrikson (music for Spiderman 2, Hannibal, The Ring 2, Black Hawk Down, Last Samurai, Mission Impossible 2, Pearl Harbor, Gladiator, The Ring, Heroes, Glee, The Game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2), German composer/musician Boris Nonte (trailers for “The Book of Eli”, “Surrogates”, commercials, video games), Jeff Rona (music for Black Hawk Down, Gladiator, Traffic, EarthSea, Persons Unknown, Homicide, God of War 3, and more), and talented newcomers Nathan Rightnour and Max Cameron-Concors.
LiquidCinema turns up the heat with it’s latest stylish album, “Cinematic Action Thriller.” Live orchestra along with aggressive electronics, percussion, guitars and vocals, this is the sound of some of today’s most successful action movies.
With emotions ranging from mysterious and tension filled, to chase and fight music, this album covers all the bases like a great soundtrack album – start to finish. Composer David Edwards pulls out all the stops and takes his inspiration from some of his favorite recent film scores. Says Edwards “I’m a huge fan of films like The Bourne Trilogy, X Men, and Tony Scott’s movies. I feel especially close to those types of scores as well – super edgy, lots of mood and energy. Very rhythmic. Lots of electronics to blend with a very dynamic, punchy orchestra. I dropped all of that on this project!”The sound is honed to perfection by James Hill, who has mixed for James Newton-Howard, Harry Gregson-Williams, Hans Zimmer, Jeff Rona and more.David Edwards has been a regular contributor to the LiquidCinema sound since it’s beginning. His music has been featured in countless trailers, films, TV programs, video games, and commercials including The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, 2012, Curque Du Freak, Vantage Point, Fox Searchlight’s My Name Is Kahn, the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Sony Entertainment’s SOCOM and the God Of War video games. Recent credits include the 2010 World Cup Kickoff Concert, Showtime documentary Dad’s In Heaven With Nixon, and the theme for Run for Water, produced by former Vice President Al Gore and Emmy® Award-winning producer, Kevin Wall. David’s music has also earned placements on ABC, NBC, Showtime and HBO, including American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and So You Think You Can Dance.
LiquidCinema, producers of the acclaimed LiquidCinema Premiere Trailer Library, are pleased to announce the release of “Cinematic Themes and Inspirations” from David Travis Edwards, one of the best and most successful trailer composers today.Recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios with musicians from the world class London Symphony, this is a collection of lush and profound orchestral music that is uplifting, dramatic and powerful. This album raises the bar for contemporary but timeless music intended to move spirits and elicit emotions with memorable themes brought to life by an unparalleled orchestral sound. “Cinematic Themes and Inspirations” is lushly orchestrated and impeccably recorded and mixed by James Hill, one of Hollywood’s elite orchestral sound engineers. Edwards uses the entire orchestra to it’s best advantage creating a sound that hits the mark with every track. It may well be his best work yet in what has already become an amazing career.David Edwards has been a regular contributor to the LiquidCinema sound since it’s beginning. His music has been featured in countless trailers, films, TV programs, video games, and commercials including The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, 2012, Curque Du Freak, Vantage Point, Fox Searchlight’s My Name Is Kahn, the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Sony Entertainment’s SOCOM and the God Of War video games. Recent credits include the 2010 World Cup Kickoff Concert, Showtime documentary Dad’s In Heaven With Nixon, and the theme for Run for Water, produced by former Vice President Al Gore and Emmy® Award-winning producer, Kevin Wall. David’s music has also earned placements on ABC, NBC, Showtime and HBO, including American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and So You Think You Can Dance.
Dark action and tension with live orchestra choirs, thunderous percussion, and more.Scores that are exciting, frightening, bold, and energetic.
Exciting, percussive orchestral and choral scores for super heroes, dark heroes, and villains, along with music for chases, global intrigue and more.
Music for emotions from sad to happy, romantic to melancholy.With pieces ranging from orchestral to contemporary rhythms and more.
From live orchestral scores to ambient and frightening soundscapes.Music to thrill, scare, get your heart racing or put you on the edge of your seat.Features a unique set of evolving electronic drones.
Hard-edged modern blend of swaggering synths, blazing guitars, and burning, distorted beats.Attitude and drive pump up the energy and pace.
Dramatic urban beats, inspiring words, and emotional instrumentals. Top hip-hop producers and film composers have teamed to create authentic grooves for scenes both dark and heroic.
A fast and fun collection of orchestral pieces perfect for frolic, holidays, comedy, and magical moments.

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