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Reflecting the recent trend for thin moustaches, home-pickling and serving everything with a side of caramelised bacon, Liquid Cinema’s album, The New Folk Rock Revival, promises to immerse you in more tambourine, strumming guitars, acoustic drums and ironic banjo than you can shake a sustainably-sourced hippie stick at.

Liquid Cinema modernises the proverbial ‘simpler time’ that we all fondly reminisce about. Updated Appalachian charm is the name of the game with sixteen immersive tracks ranging from high-energy festival folk to soulful accordion and whistleable hooks.

It’s time to light a campfire under your project – with Liquid Cinema’s The New Folk Rock Revival.

Bold, heart-pumping and confident, Urban Gametime delivers the perfect mix of power and promise for any production. These epic, high-impact tracks were produced specifically to accentuate the intensity of sports, the passion of competition and the raw emotions of victory and defeat. Ramp up the drama with timeless themes and symphonic swagger!

A journey into the past with a modern twist. Groovy, fun, and catchy retro inspired breaks and beats psychedelic. From acclaimed Beck sideman Brian Lebarton.

Modern beds and atmospheres that blend acoustic and electronic instruments and textures. A broad range of emotions from introspective and melancholy, to heavy dramatic tension.

A transcendent journey of groovy, atmospheric electronica that traverses liquid drum n bass, chillout, ambient, and electronic film score. Produced by prominent UK liquid drum n bass artists Bass Flo, Ziyal and Ox, compiled by Fullwerks Music for Liquid Cinema.

Drum and percussion ensembles create a wide variety of tense moods. Contemporary musical rhythms, beats, and beds include live instruments, electronic drones, orchestra and guitars that range in emotion from dark and suspenseful, to dramatic and pensive.

A showcase of the worlds most emotional and versatile instrument, written and performed by some of the greatest cello players in the world. The Cello Project covers everything from aggressive solos and duets, to lush orchestral and electronic music featuring brilliant cello solos. The Cello Project will bring out the unique style and flavor of any project.

Instrumental rock grooves and beds that span the decades. These tracks capture the essence of rock ‘n’ roll from the ’60s right up to modern times. With a full live band and top notch retro production, these tracks cover classic rock, funk, pop rock and more, and give full authenticity without vocals.

At Liquid Cinema we are proud to work with composers who infuse a new perspective into our diverse and constantly evolving catalogue. Chas Smith has revolutionized pedal steel guitar and has explored new sonic territories made possible only by instruments of his own design and creation. He is an Academy Award winner who has collaboration credits include Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman and Cliff Martinez. Chas’ hybrid approach to the scientific and romantic results in a unique sound that makes Liquid Cinema’s Ambient Steel a truly stand-out album.


California, July 2014.

LC: You are one of the truly unique and original musicians from the L.A. Music scene. Tell us a little about your musical upbringing. How did you get started and who were your influences?

CS: I grew up in a small New England town with an old church. My mom was the organist and I started piano lessons when I was 8. In 1958 I heard Link Wray’s Rumble and after that I had to have a guitar. By the time I was 16, the ‘60s were happening and there was a proliferation of and access to many different kinds of music. I was playing in a band constantly looking for unusual material, regardless of whether or not we could play it.
My interest in Frank Zappa led to Varese followed by Ives and Penderecki. The movie 2001: A Space Odyssey had Ligeti’s Lux Aeterna and that for me was like getting religion. I went on to study composition at Cal Arts with compsers such as James Tenney, Harold Budd, Mort Subotnick, Mel Powell and Earle Brown.

LC: How did you discover pedal steel guitar? You make it sound like an orchestra, only cooler.

CS: In the early ‘70s we ended up heading west from Boston, but ran out of money. Consequently we spent a very difficult year in Georgia where I was inundated with country music before we finally made it out to L.A. I didn’t like country music. However, one night someone had put on Waylon Jenning’s Honky Tonk Heroes, and it just kept playing over and over. The sound of Ralph Mooney’s pedal steel guitar was like nothing I had ever heard. The individual notes seemed to have an elevated importance. The chord structures would move and flow simultaneously with their internal notes.
After that, I bought every pedal steel record I could find – and had no idea what I was getting myself into. I soon discovered that what sounded very “simple” to play on the records required a complex choreography of both hands, feet and knees. I had been involved in various “art music” ensembles that would compose for the players and instruments available to us. With the steel guitar, I could cascade a couple of tape delays, roll between the frets, weave things in the strings and make sounds that I’d never heard before.

LC: Cold Blue Records was a launch-pad for so many great artists – including Liquid Cinema’s own Michal Brook. How did you make your connection there?

CS: There was a group of Los Angeles composers, including Jim Fox, who fell into the West Coast minimalist/post minimalist category. We all knew each other and would sometimes do concerts together. At the time, there weren’t any labels interested in what we were doing, so Jim took it upon himself to create Cold Blue Music. We released a series of 10-inch EP’s and 12-inch LP’s on vinyl, before Cold Blue went on “hiatus”. By the mid 1990’s, we were all still composing, but with no outlet. After 15 years, Jim decided to give it another go. I’ve since released 5 CDs and I’m working on my 6th.

LC: You’re doing something so unique now – recording on musical instruments you make yourself. How would you describe the music you are doing on these incredible instruments?

CS: My instruments are typically made from various alloys of metal. The objective is to create a complex, emotional pallet of sounds to work with. I have been accused of being hard-core ambient, but I recall a time when ambient music performed an ‘architectural’ function. It helped shape a space the same way that light, color and objects shape a space. I think of my compositions as being narrative, sometimes tonal and having a melody of texture and events. Very cinematic.

LC: Your skill-set, instruments and sound have been featured on quite a number of soundtracks over the years. Can you tell us a little about your favorites?

CS: I’ve played on over 70 soundtracks – including some fantastic cinematic collaborations with composers like Thomas Newman, Hans Zimmer and Cliff Martinez. My favorites involved a group of players all interacting in some capacity. To me, the collaborative experience is the essence of music making. Man of Steel and some of the TV shows I did were standouts for me.


Liquid Cinema: Ambient Steel

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Retro-inspired surf rock and pop from upbeat and fun, to slow and romantic, to over-the-top and psychedelic. Time to hang ten, Brah!

Upbeat, joyful, and just plain happy music. An eclectic mix of melodic, energetic and modern pop tracks bring a feeling of joy, hope and excitement. Guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Ultra modern, exciting, and frenzied tracks for everything from high-octane action to extreme sports. A blazing blend of industrial rock, aggressive electronica, and modern orchestral hybrids provide face melting sonic intensity.

Exciting instrumentals in the styles of today’s hottest dance and electro-pop chart-toppers ranging from uplifting and positive, to fun and energetic.

From the dark musical minds of Charles Bernstein (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Cujo, The Entity, Kill Bill) and Alan Howarth (Halloween II, III, IV, V, Christine, They Live, Escape From New York) comes classic horror the way you remember it. These are two masters of the genre doing what they do best – classic fright night scores.

The 80’s were rad. Fact. Everything was super-colorful and cassette tapes were a thousand different kinds of awesome. Inside Tracks brings you the best of 80’s-inspired score and electro-pop instrumentals: A genuine tribute to the greatest music of the 1980’s and beyond.

Is that a another new car across the street?…Is that his wife he’s sneaking out with? …Can you smell burning again?… Find music for all those questions and more with Inside Tracks’ brilliant Suburbia album. It’s cheeky, sneaky, and light – making it an ideal accompaniment to any friendly neighbourhood conspiracy. We can’t think of a better way to make the curtains twitch and the neighbours jealous…

Hands-down the coolest thing to leave your speakers today. Burn some musical rubber and get the party started with Inside Tracks’ Hip Hop album: 16 tracks of dirty, sexy hip hop – featuring rolling urban beats with deep emotion and drama.

Raise the stakes – and viewers heart-rates with these tense, stressful music beds and drones. Perfect for dramatic moments, deep contemplation, reality shows and contest eliminations. They are also very useful when conversation slows down during dinner parties.

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of music plays in the mind of an gold medalist then we have the answer: Inside Tracks’ Inspired album. Heartfelt and uplifting, triumphant and bold, this is the sound of success and achievement – be it that of an unsung hero or a world championship team.

Touching, inspired instrumentals – from organic singer/songwriter to quirky electronic, these tracks are bursting with the best sort of aural energy.

From traditional to modern, this evocative and touching album will bring out the love, the pain, the yearning or the sorrow. Prepare to grab the tissues and turn your projects into an emotional tour-de-force that will leave viewers desperate for a sequel.

Release your inner adventurer with Inside Tracks’ epic orchestral action and adventure scores. Whether you’re scaling Everest, engaging an enemy vessel, or saving mankind from giant robot insects – we’ve got you covered.

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